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Salt Systems

Pool Pilot Digital Nano - It's simple to install and simple to use.

Pool Pilot Digital Nano features include microprocessor controls with a digital read-out of pool water temperature, current salt level, purifier production level and more. It also tells you how much salt to add should it run low. The Nano will maintain pools up to 22,000 gallons with the RC-35/22 patented manifold.

AutoPilot's patented bypass manifold is a pre-assembled unit designed to control the flow rate delivered to our cell. The spring check valve in the manifold allows excess flow, over 20 gpm, to by-pass the cell. The water in turn flows at a controlled rate through the cell where it is super chlorinated. The in-line strainer on the inlet side of the manifold protects the tri-sensor and production cell from debris that might bypass the filter. The location of the strainer next to a connection union makes periodic cleaning easy. The design of our patented bypass manifold guarantees optimum chlorine production and simplifies the installation process of the AutoPilot Purifing System.

Simply put, a salt chlorine generator (also known as a salt system or a salt chlorinator) is a swimming pool chlorination system that creates chlorine from sodium chloride (salt). Before a salt chlorine generator can operate, the swimming pool water must have a salt concentration of 3,000 ppm (parts per million).

As salt water travels through the swimming pool’s circulation system, it enters the salt chlorine generator and passes through a salt cell. As the salt water flows through the cell, a low-voltage direct current is applied to flat, rectangular plates inside the cell, initiating electrolysis . Through electrolysis, salt and water break up into hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The hydrogen gas simply leaves the swimming pool water in the form of small bubbles. The hypochlorous acid sanitizes the swimming pool water and ultimately reverts back into salt, and the process repeats.

Just a few advantages of salt chlorine generators include: reduced skin and eye irritation, no harsh chemical odors, and swimmer safety.


 Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

Phosphates: Facts and Myths

Sixty percent of pool owners experience two full algae blooms every season. So What causes these blooms and how can we prevent them? Listed below we have put together some information identifying the problem and some proactive steps to prevent it.

Phosphates are compounds of the nonmetallic element phosphorous and are a primary food source for aquatic plants, including all types of algae. Phosphate compounds are inevitably broken down into their simplest form, orthophosphates, in one of the following three ways:

  • - Oxidation (converting compounds into oxides)
  • - Hydrolysis (decomposition by water)
  • - Enzymatic digestion 


Regardless of how it happens, if phosphates are allowed to remain present in pool, spa, or pond water, they will be reduced to orthophosphates, which are the only form of phosphates that algae can digest.

The challenge with phosphates is that they are constantly being introduced into your swimming pool water. They are found in lawn and garden fertilizers, decaying vegetation, municipal water, cosmetic items on bathers, and even other pool chemicals. This means a fresh batch of phosphates enter your water when any of the following occur:

  •  - The wind blows dirt into your pool
  • - Sprinkler run off from your lawn or landscaping enters your pool
  • - Your water leveler puts fresh water into your pool
  • - Leaves, twigs, or bark enters your water
  • - You use chemicals containing TSP, or any amount of phosphoric, phosphonic or other phosphorous based ingredients to clean your pool


As such, you can never completely remove phosphates; instead, we refer to it as maintaining a “near zero” level with a long-term solution that includes a blend of phosphate removers, regular water testing, correct sanitizer levels, and limiting exposure to phosphates. 

The preventative measure of limiting phosphate exposure is taken by doing the following:

  • - Remove leaves and organic material from the water as soon as possible
  • - Vacuum and clean filters and pump baskets regularly
  • - Be aware of the phosphate content of cleaners and chemicals used in and around the swimming pool
  • - Don’t allow drainage from plants or the lawn to enter the pool

Phosphate remover myth buster

We want to take this opportunity to clear up a myth about phosphate removers: they do not kill existing algae. Once bloomed, only superchlorination and/or an algaecide will do the job.


Swimming Pool Automation


Hayward offers a line of the industry’s best automation to suit any backyard environment. Adding automation takes the work out of pool and spa ownership by automating all work-intensive functions, such as sanitization, balancing pH, cleaning and filtration. Perhaps best of all, automation can save you money - by automating essential pool and spa functions, you can save up to 70% on your pool’s energy costs.

Omni logic

Hayward® brings backyard automation to the forefront of technology with OmniLogic. Enjoy the luxuries of full control from the industry's most intuitive app and effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge.

With OmniLogic, you can expect to:

Eliminate complexity. With the most intuitive, icon-based user interface on the market right on the base unit, set your controller to fit YOUR needs and preferences quickly and easily. Setting up familiar names for pool and spa features, as well as other automated activities eliminates guessing games.

Customize to fit your lifestyle. Adjustable Favorites buttons allow you to set the features you use the most at your fingertips. And with dramatically expanded backyard themes, each family member has the ability to personalize themes for custom ambiance features from heaters to pumps to lighting. 



  • - Up to 70% savings by managing a 2-Speed or Variable Speed Pump
  • - Fully featured control for an entry level price - only offering at this price point
  • - Automates up to 4 features, 3 valves, 1 heater and solar controls
  • - Easy to use - few call backs for programming issues
  • - Small, plastic enclosure with large accessible wiring area


OnCommand is the most affordable way to automate essential pool and spa functions for aftermarket applications. This entry level controller is an ideal replacement for outdated pool time clocks




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